The Story

Reset and reinstate radiance with this hydrating mist. Formulated for all skin types, this hydrator delivers instant nourishment for skin that looks and feels more refreshed. Reapply as needed for a glowing appearance and a reinvigorating moment for self.


The Promise

Reveals a refreshed dewy appearance.


Imbues a cooling and calming feel.


Uplifts skin and self.


The Ritual

Hold the bottle 20-30cm away from the face, and mist five to six spritzes liberally over skin.


The Research

Optimal skin hydration is crucial to maintain soft, flexible, smooth skin—and to preserve a youthful appearance. Water levels of our skin mainly depend on the health of our skin barrier (stratum corneum,

the outermost epidermal layer of the skin), and is influenced by exposure to sunlight, pollution, and stress.


Our epidermis has two different layers of hydration within it. Water present in the deeper layer goes upward to hydrate cells in the stratum corneum, which can be easily evaporated due to the environment and improper cleansing techniques. When your skin is

hydrated and the barrier is working well, skin appears more radiant, luminous and healthy-looking.


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