Foot Peel



The Foot Peel Home Kit is designed to remove your dead skin cells and leave you with soft smooth beautiful feet in 7 days. This incredible treatment allows you to care for and maintain your feet in the comfort of your own home.

Foot Peel contains natural extracts which exfoliate and nourish your skin all at the same time. The main active ingredients are fruit acids which are very gentle on your skin. 

The way that Foot Peel works is by penetrating into your layers of dead skin and working on the desmosomes (which acts as glue to hold your dead skin together). This process is gentle and very effective for your skin. By unbinding the desmosomes (glue that holds your dead skin together) the peeling process will begin and you will start to see your layers of dead skin peel away. So, say goodbye to rough, dry and cracked soles!

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