#6 The Night Crème


The Renewal Collection 

Rejuvenation. Suppleness. Sumptuous nourishment.


The Story

Supercharge skin’s nightly rejuvenation with the evolution of our iconic #6 The Night Crème. This sumptuous, enriched Formulation initiates profound transformation by empowering the nocturnal process of skin rejuvenation. As cellular renewal is supported, sustained hydration is delivered for a visibly firmer, smoother, more glowing complexion. 

The Promise

    Visibly firms, plumps and rejuvenates by supporting collagen and elastin.

    Definition and volume are enhanced as skin is strengthened.

    Elicits a radiant, more even complexion.

    Skin feels smoother, more supple and nourished.

    Delivers supreme skin hydration.


    The Ritual

    Smooth a pearl-sized amount gently over the face, neck décolletage, and backs of hands each evening.

    Follow with your RATIONALE Essential Six Formulations for night.


    The Research

    In human skin, multiple enzymes work together to repair DNA damage. DNA repair occurs in three main steps, the first identifies and removes the damaged section of DNA, the second synthesises replacement DNA, and then finally the DNA strand is sealed. This process is extremely fast and is happening constantly throughout the body, including our skin, which suffers DNA damage caused by the sun and pollution.


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