#6 The Eye Crème


The Renewal Collection 

Renewal. Enlightenment. Absolute Beauty. 


The Story

Profound nourishment for the orbital contour.


#6 The Eye Crème is a transformative, targeted offering that treats the delicate skin of the eye area, re-firming and hydrating for a smoother, more uplifted appearance.


The Promise

  • Firms and plumps the appearance of fine lines
  • Enhances skin texture and tone for a reawakened appearance
  • Visibly illuminates the look of the eye area
  • Delivers targeted overnight hydration


The Ritual

Gently smooth a small amount under the eye zone each evening.  


Use in synergy with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for remarkable skin luminosity. 


The Research

The signs of environmental damage around the delicate orbit of the eye include wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation. These are a direct consequence of the debasement of cellular DNA, leading to genetic alterations related to sun exposure and pollution combined with natural ageing and metabolic processes.


Natural self-repair processes of fragile eyezone tissues, initiated by DNA Repair Enzymes and retinoids (Vitamin A), are diminished as we age and as a result of prolonged environmental damage.


Topical application of DNA Repair Enzymes and retinoids can assist in restoring DNA repair processes, helping to correct transcription mechanisms and reverse signs of environmental damage to illuminate and refine.


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