#2 The Light Créme


The Vitality Collection

Vitality. Energy. Exuberance.


The Story

This supremely light Formulation delivers antioxidant nourishment and
protection, imbuing skin with glowing hydration. A proprietary Complex
of Antioxidants and Botanical Extracts reanimate skin vitality, calming
visible redness and signs of irritation to reinstate a radiant, even tone.


The Promise

+ Supports the skin with protective, re-energising Antioxidants.

+ Imbues a supremely supple feel.

+ Elicits firmer looking skin.

+ Rejuvenates youthful exuberance.

+ Revitalises and amplifies radiance, promoting the appearance of a more even tone.


The Ritual

Being a supremely light daytime hydrator, #2 The Light Crème is designed for daily use.

Step one

Apply Formulations from #1 The Resilience Collection.

Step two

Apply Formulations from #2 The Vitality Collection, if currently using.

Step three

Apply #2 The Light Crème.

Step four

Follow with Formulations from #3 The Brilliance Collection.



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